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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Boxed pouches

Boxed Pouches, they are small, cute and fun! I enjoyed sewing them, they are very easy. Got this pattern free online. I also tried making them with this textured pattern in white. t's a very nice touch to the piece... I like it!!!! =) If you want the patter, feel free to ask, I will send you a copy! These boxed pouches are 6" x 3" x 2".

Posh messenger bag

This was a free pattern available @ internet, but it was really hard to follow.
I tried my best. Now that I kinda know how to make this, I can make some changes and try to put some stuff before the others.

I would've made this bag a little bit more stiffy by using an interface or something, but besides all the trouble, I like the way it looks... very neat and posh.

Finish size 10" x 11" x 3".

Bag tag - simple and nice

Oh this is really cute. I don't even know why I did not think on making them before.
I saw it online and thought I could make it without a pattern... a pattern for a bag tag was 7 bucks, so I just tried and I liked it. Easy and simple. I just need now to put my address in there and use on my next trip to see my folks! :)

The small bag is now fixed!!

Well, previously I have posted that this pattern I got was not that small....
Ok, so now I shrunk the bag and added a long strap... voila! It turned into an awesome purse!!!
It is now a decent size, not flimsy like the other one! I am happy with the results. Finish size 5" x 8" x 2".

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not so little handbags

When I got this pattern from "Butterick", I though these bags they refer at the pattern would be more like wristlets, as they have little cords and seem small... for my surprise when I finished one of their pattern, the finished size came out as 6" x 11", I was WOW these are def not wristlets. There are some moridication I want to make, like, putting a cardboard inside the fabric to make it stiff, add some inside pockets and of course, reduce the size. Following, you will see the pictures of this bag, it came out really cute, but big. It was a good exercise to practice some different pattern and technique!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Organize your stuff!!! =)

These organizers helped me a lot to put my sewing stuff in order. They are extremely useful and easy to make! Thanks again "Lazy Girl Design" for that... this pattern is really well made and easy to follow. These organizers are called "SUZI" and they can be made in 2 sizes and as much pockets as you want. I was making mine as a set using the same pattern on both, in different places. They also use this design to use as an insert inside bags. So much easy to leave your stuff in here and if you switch bags, just get your Suzi with you. Excellent project, fun to sew and see final product!!
Finished sizes: Medium 6.5" x 4.5" x 3" and large 8.5" x 4.5" x 3"

Candice... carry you iPad in this cute bag!

This is the bag I was waiting for so long at my favorite blog, "Lazy Girl Design". It was really worth it waiting.... The coolest thing about this bag "Candice" is that you can carry an iPad on the front pocket... very convenient and super cute. I just made mine and I love it!!! (L)
Orders can be placed via email.
Measurements are: 11" x 11.5" x 4.5"